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About Clobber Records

Music truly exists in those first few moments of discovery. It is instantaneous, emotive and direct. All the signs of its creation are laid bare - those of struggle, of suffering, of pain, of elation and of coincidence, allowing the echoes to remain forever. Clobber Records is an independent record label that promotes its bands through an unquestionable belief in their relevance to the current time. The label is run in a committed, innovative and professional manner and invests in bands so that they may grow and grasp new opportunities.

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February was an amazing month for gigs. We hope your eardrums, wallets and livers are ready to face whatever March has in store for ...

Interview with Gorgonchrist - A Delve into the Swamp

It's always a daunting experience when interviewing bands and trying to get them to open up to you. Even more so here when we talk t ...

ATMOSFEST - Interview with Nick Wolven

Based in Nottingham, Atmosfest is an annual one day festival dedicated to Atmospheric Black Metal. Previous years' events have inclu ...


Here at Clobber Records we’re addicted to live music. It’s the feeling you get in that moment… you know the one. When all of the ...
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