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About Clobber Records

Music truly exists in those first few moments of discovery. It is instantaneous, emotive and direct. All the signs of its creation are laid bare - those of struggle, of suffering, of pain, of elation and of coincidence, allowing the echoes to remain forever. Clobber Records is an independent record label that promotes its bands through an unquestionable belief in their relevance to the current time. The label is run in a committed, innovative and professional manner and invests in bands so that they may grow and grasp new opportunities.

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An Interview with Onlihtan

The UK black metal scene is in healthy shape right now, so the entrance of Onlihtan is not unexpected. Daring to tread a progressive and ...

Clobber Release Taken By The Tide 'Revenge' on CD

The third release from Nottingham based progressive tech-metallers, Taken By The Tide, will be released on CD Digipak by Clobber Rec ...

The Abduction Interview

In anticiptation of the forthcoming release, 'A Crown of Curses', by UK solo black metal project, Abduction, we caught up with A | V and ...

Clobber sign Abduction for CD/digital release

The second full length release from Abduction, one of the most exciting solo projects in the UK extreme metal scene, will be release ...
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