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UK blackened death fury is what they are and Soulphernus is how they are known. Established in 2015, the band hail from Barnsley (South Yorkshire) and Nottingham. Following a number of line-up changes, only Plaga (vocals) and Zoltar (drums) remain. They are now joined by Matheo (guitars) and Cruor (bass) and this how how Soulphernus looks in 2019. 

Having released the phenomenal 'Peace Is The Greatest Lie Ov All' in 2016, they have now returned with a full length, self-titled album with which they aim to wreak havoc on stage and to compel all their loyal followers to look within and worship the demons that they carry through life. Their music is beyond heavy as it combines the relentless pounding of death metal with the atmospheric beauty and dark themes of black metal. 

In their own words, their music is 'the accompaniment to the cold and rhymic sound of heavy boots hitting streets of a world set ablaze in woeful march, the words 'Vivat Hatred' on their lips as the Satanic Death Squads gather in His name!' And summing up the true spirit of Soulphernus they proclaim 'Under the banners of Lucifer, we pledge to be the Devil's Hammer that shall crush the religious scum and let them become one with the Darkness. We are the Harbingers of Destruction, Hate and Despair!'