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Salix Babylonica

Hailing from Ecuador, a country that nestles neatly on the West side of South America and sits alongside the Pacific Ocean, Salix Babylonica are fairly unique in many ways. They have released most of their music as splits with bands from around the world which has given them a reach that they wouldn't necesarily achieve if they simply released music as exclusive projects. The main member of the band, A. Nostalgie, draws influence from bands such as Woods of Ypres and Agalloch and this shines through in the music that she creates. 

Salix Babylonica has released music on a split with six bands from all around the world and then, in 2019, they released the outstanding split with the UK's Absinthropy via Clobber Records. This included a track called 'Dead Birds Of The City' which sees Salix at their most powerful and has been well-received by those that have heard the split in the UK, Europe and beyond.