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Introducing Abduction - one of the UK's most exciting solo black metal projects. 

Abduction is unique in being a solo black metal artist who performs live. His shows are full of atmosphere and ferocity that have enraptured audiences across the UK and Europe. In August 2018, he will perform at the prestigious Bloodstock Open Air Festival, UK. 

Abduction began a few years ago after the last minute opportunity arose to support German black thrash legends Nocturnal and UK legends Scythian on a number of dates across Germany. The sole member, known as A | V, swiftly put together a short set of drum tracks and flew from the UK to join the tour under the moniker 'Necroface'. The tongue-in-cheek set of 90s black metal worship was very well received, despite its hasty inception, and planted a seed in the creator's mind. 

Fast forward to 2016, and a change in personal circumstances meant that there was finally time to experiment with home recording and fleshing out the tracks from the German shows. Learning as he went, A | V focused his time on developing a sound and creating an atmosphere to achieve the goal of oppressive and bleak black metal. 

In 2017, Abduction released his debut album 'To Further Dreams Of Failure' via Inferna Profundis Records. Full of raw and depressive energy it is inspired by modern day depression, the futility of human existence and abject terror. 

That brings us to today. Abduction released his second full length album 'A Crown Of Curses' via Clobber Records and Death Kvlt Productions (limited edition vinyl/cassette) on 20th July 2018. Continuing a journey of experimentation with black metal aesthetics, the album promises to deliver another absorbing and harrowing trip into the depths of the human experience. 

Abduction is A | V (vocals, guitars, tracking, noise)