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Clobber Records is an independent record label that promotes its bands through an unquestionable belief in their relevance to the current time. The label is run in a committed, innovative and professional manner and invests in bands so that they may grow and grasp new opportunities.

Music truly exists in the first moments of discovery. It is instantaneous, emotive and direct. All the signs of its creation are laid bare - those of struggle, of suffering, of pain, of elation and of coincidence. And the echoes remain forever.

Music should be an experience, lifting us, and then carrying us from one side of the chasm to the other. Once the other side is reached, we will look back and see that there was never any chasm there at all. It is our greatest freedom and allows us the chance to simply observe. Without direction. Without motive. It is a way of life. 

At Clobber Records, we are neither thinkers nor thoughts, neither observers nor the observed. We are here, in this moment, and we hope that you will join us. 



First, pain is inevitable. Use music to identify and live alongside your pains.

Second, pain will always have a cause. We may know the cause, we may not. But it will exist. Use music to seek the cause. 

Third, choose to suffer or choose not to suffer. It is really that simple. 

Fourth, the music will play on and you will be nothing more than a part of it. 


Please keep to the path.